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  • Ronin Battle Card NFT Game
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Ronin Games
Video Games created with the latest technology using Unreal and Unity Game Engines from hyper-casual to top tier AAA titles found on PC, console and mobile platforms
Ronin NFT
Creatives will be able to showcase their work non-fungible-tokens in the Ronin ecosystem. Allowing creatives from the video game space to connect with art enthusiasts and collectors.
Ronin Swap
Ronin’s swap system allows exchanging of different currencies.
Ronin Stake
Ronin Stake allows you to earn rewards for holding Ronin tokens. The longer you hold, the more you earn.

Token Distribution

Allocation of funds
Total Token Supply - 10,000,000,000
Private Sale
Staking Rewards
Airdrop Rewards
Executive Staff
Exchange Listings
ronin character


Time base tokenism solve anti-pump and dump / paper hands / sniper bots
10 billion total token supply
2% LP 4% marketing / dev
Airdrop reward for diamond holders
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Road Map

  • AUG - OCT


    • Website
    • Establish & Grow Marketing Campaign
    • Private Sale
    • White Paper
    • Yahoo Finance Article
    • Tech Rate Audit
    • 3K Organic Community
    • Two Top Devs Fully Doxxed
  • Launch

    • Launch of $Ronin Tokens
    • Develop Games with Unreal & Unity Video Game Engines
    • Announce Major Gaming Industry Partnernerships
    • Lock Initial Liquidity for 6 Months. To be reviewed When Eco System Launches
    • Work with CoinGecko, CoinMarket Cap and Major Financial Media Articles
    • Open Philippines, China, India, and other makets
    • Demo of Ronin Gamez Batle of the Memes
  • NOV - DEC

    • Launch Corporate Head Quarters
    • Trust Wallet / Pancake Swap
    • Expand Market Campaign with additional Major Announcements
    • Begin NFT Art Work by Award Winning Game Developers
    • 20K Organic Community Growth
    • Media Financial Articles (Yahoo Finance, Market Watch, Sun and more)
    • Launch Battle of the Memes
  • 2022

  • JAN - MAR

    • Gaming Eco-system Launch
    • Migrate Crypto Currancy to Ronin Gaming Ecosystem
    • Launch First Game with Betting & Parimutual Wagering
    • List on Major Exchanges
    • NFT Platform with 3D NFTs
  • APR - JUN

    • Multiple AAA Video Games in the Ronin Eco-system
    • $500+ Million Market Cap
    • Continue to Grow Video Game Library & Expand from PC to Android and IOS

How to Buy $RONINGMZ

Chose your wallet and follow the steps below to buy $RONINGMZ

Contract 0x980b37a82B60A32965b6e56356D14E0410ea440F
Trust Wallet
  • Download Trust Wallet
  • Go to pancakeswap.finance,
  • Get to the trade screen
  • Select the $RONINGMZ token, ensure contract is 0x980b37a82B60A32965b6e56356D14E0410ea440F
  • Adjust your slippage to 8%
  • Download METAMASK
  • Pancake Swap is where you'll be performing the swap of your current tokens to $RONINGMZ
  • Get to the trade screen
  • Select the $RONINGMZ token, Contract 0x980b37a82B60A32965b6e56356D14E0410ea440F
  • Click "Setting" at the top right, and adjust your slippage to 8% to account for the 6% tax

Ronin Gamez

Ronin is a multi-player gaming and NFT Ecosystem created to revolutionize the field of Parimutuel betting. This is a system that involves two players, who wager money on the outcome of a NFT fight. Each NFT is tied to a coin. The coin that increases most in percentage, will win the fight.

The person who bets on the winning character, will win back twice his or her wager. This will be in $Ronin Coins.

By incorporating NFTs into our Ecosystem we are able to bring together a wide range of artists, designers, and digital creators. By selling NFTs, we are able to help these creators pursue their career in digital arts. This is something that we are passionate about as a community.

Ronin Studio Team

alex lopez

Alex Lopez

Co-Founder / Creative Director

Jesus McDonald

Website Partner
Joseph Walters

Joseph Walters

Studio Lead

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